Innosonian Europe has its head office in the UK and warehousing in the UK and Austria.  The company has a network of distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East, India and Pakistan supplying the Brayden range of CPR training manikins.

The award-winning Brayden range of manikins were designed and developed by our talented team at Innosonian Inc. who are based in South Korea.  Since its launch in 2014, the Brayden Advanced manikin has had an excellent reception by the resuscitation community worldwide and the demand for this innovative training manikin has been impressive, with numerous prestigious organisations routinely using it to train CPR. The Brayden Advanced manikin’s intuitive and easy to use lights helps guide the student to perform good quality chest compressions. It’s ability to switch to be both ERC and AHA Guideline compliant is extremely useful.


In 2016, Dr Jonathan Smart, joined Innosonian Europe to help develop the next range of Brayden manikins. Jonathan has extensive experience in the healthcare sector and works closely with leading resuscitation experts whose feedback is shared to ensure the Brayden range of manikins always fully meet the needs of our customers.


In 2017 The Brayden Pro manikin was introduced.  The Brayden Pro was initially compatible with an Android App available on PlayStore (Brayden Pro).  In 2020, the iOS App (Brayden Online) also became available on Apple AppStore.  The Brayden Pro manikin, when working with the associated Apps, allows quantitative performance metrics to be obtained – for all the key CPR metrics.  Overall scoring of the quality of CPR can also be viewed using algorithms derived from working with key Global Opinion Leaders.  This makes the Brayden Pro the ideal manikin for professional CPR training and assessment – where objective and quantitative data is required.


In 2018 The Brayden Junior Conversion Kit was launched which allows a Brayden Advanced manikin to be converted into a Junior manikin quickly and cost-effectively.  It allows 1 manikin to do 2 different types of CPR training (Adult and Paediatric).


In 2019 the award-winning Brayden Baby was launched which uses intuitive lights to allow students to perform good quality infant CPR – with lights guiding good quality compressions and ventilations.  Feedback for this ground-breaking manikin has been excellent.  In 2020, the Brayden Baby Pro was launched – this works in conjunction with the iOS App (Brayden Online) and provides the ideal infant manikin for professional infant CPR training and assessment.


In 2020, Francois Febvay joined the Innosonian Europe team as Regional Commercial Director and now manages the major European countries.  Francois has many years of experience working in the Global Resuscitation business.

Brayden Basic

Brayden Advanced

Brayden Pro

Working with android App (Brayden Pro) and iOS App (Brayden Online)

Brayden Junior Conversion Kit

Brayden Baby

Brayden Baby Pro

Working with the iOS App (Brayden Online)

Following on from the successful Brayden CPR manikin, which has intuitive lights to effectively teach good quality CPR, the introduction of a new model called Brayden Pro takes CPR training to the next step where numeric data is required.  The additional functionality provided by Brayden Pro will further improve and enhance the quality of debriefing to help improve CPR performance.  The ability for students and instructors to obtain immediate feedback of performance using objective and numeric data will help improve the quality of CPR performance for every learner and will provide necessary data of performance when required.

Dr Pascal Cassan
Head of the Global First Aid Reference Centre of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The Brayden Baby is a very useful manikin for teaching good quality infant CPR according to current Guidelines. It has evidently been designed with help from experts! The lights on the manikin give excellent intuitive real-time CPR feedback to help guide the student to perform correct ventilation technique for an infant and help guide the student to perform good quality chest compressions. It is essential that both these key component parts of infant CPR are performed to the highest level in real life to help optimise survival. The Brayden Baby manikin, in my opinion, is unique in its ability to do this.

Professor Patrick Van de Voorde
Paediatrician and Clinical Head of Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Ghent, Belgium