Learner Mode

Learner Mode offers the student real-time feedback of CPR performance via the App.  This allows the student to practice and perfect their technique.  Learner Mode allows students to practice compression only, ventilation only, 1 person CPR or 2 person CPR with the real-time feedback provided by the App on the tablet as the primary feedback mechanism .   The lights on the chest and neck of the Brayden Pro manikin do not illuminate in this Mode but the head light does come on when the chest compressions are performed to the correct overall chest compression quality.  This head light can be switched off in the set-up menu if not required.

Instructor Mode

Instructor Mode offers an instructor the opportunity to connect up to 6 Brayden Pro manikins to the App on the android tablet at any one time.  The instructor can enter relevant data relating to the students as required and can monitor the performance of the students using the connected manikins in real time.  The instructor, at the end of the monitoring session, can individually debrief each student in a similar manner to Learner Mode if required.

The Instructor Mode also allows formal assessments to be made of a student’s performance.  The App switches off the light in the head of the manikin and allows a full assessment to be made of a student’s performance whilst the instructor observes their real time performance via the App.  The assessment can either be for 1 or 2 person CPR or can also be used for a full Cardiac Arrest Scenario where an AED Trainer is employed.  A full debrief is possible after the assessment has finished, including the timings of key events that occurred during the Cardiac Arrest Scenario.  This can then be shared via email, excel and other media.

Assessment Mode