The Brayden Pro App provides comprehensive information of CPR performance via an intuitive and easy to use display on a tablet.  The Brayden Pro manikin has lights on the torso, neck and head (similar to Brayden Advanced) to guide CPR performance when it is not connected to a tablet.  Once the manikin is connected via Bluetooth to a tablet loaded with the free Brayden Pro App, then the primary feedback for CPR performance is via the Brayden Pro App.  Future updates of the App can be uploaded onto the tablet when the tablet is connected to the internet.  In addition, key CPR metrics can be adjusted via the App set up menu.  These features help the Brayden Pro remain compliant with any future Guideline changes.

The Brayden Pro App can be used in Learner Mode (optimised for use with a single Brayden Pro manikin) to help students objectively assess their individual CPR performance.  There is also an Instructor Mode where the App can be used to monitor up to 6 manikins simultaneously.  The Instructor Mode can also be used to assess students for certification purposes using a simulated cardiac arrest scenario using an AED.  The information obtained in Learner and Instructor Mode can easily be shared via email, social media or via MS excel.

Real time CPR feedback provided via the Brayden Pro App has been designed to be clear and intuitive.  The key CPR metrics are displayed and allow performance to be adjusted during training.  Following training, the Brayden Pro App provides easy to use interactive screens to assess CPR performance.  An overall CPR performance score is presented (calculated according to a scoring algorithm validated by Key Opinion Leaders) and additional numerical information for all the important CPR parameters can easily be accessed.

During Training

Correct Inflation Indicator

The Brayden Pro App provides real-time feedback of chest compression performance according to the Guidelines and/or criteria previously entered in the App set up menu.  The Brayden Pro manikin provides a realistic chest resistance appropriate for an average adult.  Key information relating to chest compression depth, rate and release (recoil) are presented to allow the student to perfect their technique.  Brayden Pro can be used for CPR (1 person or 2 person) or for compression only resuscitation.

Correct Inflation Indicator

The Brayden Pro App provides real-time feedback of ventilation performance according to the Guidelines and/or criteria entered in the App set up menu.  The volume of the ventilations delivered is measured together with their rate.  The Brayden Pro manikin provides a realistic lung compliance appropriate for an average adult.  The App can also provide feedback on the ventilation (inspiratory) time.  The Brayden Pro can also be used for ventilation only resuscitation training (Respiratory arrest).

Importance of 'Time off Chest'

The Brayden Pro provides real-time feedback of ‘hands off’ the chest time during training.  This is also presented as an average time (seconds) and is used to calculate the Chest Compression Fraction (CCF).  This important metric is emphasised in the current Guidelines.


Compression Matrix

The Chest Compression Matrix provided by the Brayden Pro App works in conjunction with the Chest Compression Indicator and is provided in real-time.  Each chest compression is recorded as a dot on a matrix display with 2 axes (depth and rate).  This easy to interpret display helps students modulate their compressions so they hit the ‘sweet spot’ with correct depth, rate and release (recoil)

Hand Positioning

The Brayden Pro gives real-time feedback of hand position on the manikin chest.  When correct (middle of the chest) a green dot will appear on the display and, when incorrect, a red dot will appear.

Post CPR Report

Detailed Radar Chart

When a student stops their training, the first debrief screen they see is the ‘Radar Chart’.  This intuitive and interactive display allows the overall CPR Quality score to be viewed but also allows the performance of individual key CPR metrics to be viewed against a theoretical perfect score.  This display together with its interactive capability (touch screen feedback) allows rapid interpretation of where performance needs to be improved.


Quality of Ventilations


Quality of Compressions


Quality of Overall Performance

The Brayden Pro App provides an overall score of CPR performance via the Radar Chart.  Additionally, the App provides a graphical representation of CPR quality over time.  This is derived from two component parts (chest compression quality in green and ventilation quality in blue).  The depiction of CPR quality over time is analogous to the theoretical concept of ‘Coronary Perfusion Pressure’ (CPP) and is a useful tool for emphasising the importance of minimising ‘hands off time’.  The two component parts are weighted according to the Brayden Pro App scoring algorithm which has been validated by leading Resuscitation Experts.